History of changes

25.10.18 OutFit 2.13
  1. fixed: Notification about one letter appeared several times
  2. fixed: Rare error of updating mailbox list
  3. fixed: Connection error message when the Internet is disconnected is now displayed every half hour
  4. fixed: Minor interface flaws
24.10.18 OutFit 2.12
  1. fixed: Critical failure when initialize list of accounts if failed hotkey registration
  2. changed: Initialization of mailboxes moved to the background
  3. changed: The list of mailboxes in the main window now correctly updates when you change the settings
  4. fixed: Search for settings of the old version when you install new version
  5. fixed: Spelling and localization errors in the hotkey module
  6. changed: The «Show the program site» item has been removed from the context menu
  7. fixed: In the list of mailboxes instead of the server the address of transition on the notification was displayed
20.10.18 OutFit 2.11
  1. fixed: Critical error when forced to reset the connection by the mail server
  2. fixed: A rare error in determining the mechanism of encoding the sender’s name
  3. fixed: Small localization errors
  4. removed: Context menu item «Useful tips»
  5. added: Context menu item «language»
  6. added: Notice when enter login without symbol «@»
15.10.18 OutFit 2.10
  1. fixed: Critical error on showing top for empty theme message
  2. changed: Icons and calculator fonts
  3. added: Settings for iCloud
12.10.18 Outfit 2.9
  1. removed: Moon and holiday calendar
  2. removed: Notes module
  3. added: Mail agent
  4. fixed: Mouse wheel zoom In the Magnifier tool in Windows 8 and above
07.02.11 Edition OutFit 2.8
  1. fixed: does not fill the window settings when invoking it from the list of annotations
  2. changed: program renamed to OutFit-Tool
  3. changed: Primary site address program — http://OutFit-Tool.ru Website
  4. http://notebook.khorsa.ru while functioning as a mirror.
  5. added: color Matching Tool
  6. added: keyboard Shortcuts for magnifier and color matching
  7. fixed: Forced setting of the English language in the note list
  8. fixed: sound button did not work in
  9.  settings
  10. fixed: calculator Sizes in Windows 7
  11. changed: Pictures of the moon in the moon calendar
15.12.10 NoteBook 2.7 Release
  1. fixed: Calendar on startup now becomes on current date.
03.11.10 NoteBook 2.6 Release
  1. added: export notes to RTF and CSV formats
  2. changed: the settings Window is tabbed
  3. changed: in the magnifier, the color removed from the screen in the WEB view is now stored and copied without a pre-grid.
  4. added: Enable/disable NumLock when you call up/hide the calculator with the appropriate settings.
  5. added: checking for updates on the website
  6. added: English interface
  7. fixed: removed ability to edit memorable dates and holidays
17.03.10 NoteBook 2.5 Release
  1. changed: base notes, settings and calendar holidays now placed in the same file — for easy transfer to another computer.
  2. changed: text of notes is encrypted before saving to file.
  3. changed: the calculator buttons are located more tightly, the size of the calculator is reduced.
  4. added: added calculation history to the calculator.
  5. fixed: Fixed memory leak when working with graphics resources.
  6. added: «countdown timer» Tool
  7. added: Magnifier Tool
  8. added: eyedropper Tool
  9. fixed: grouping of notes in the list window did not change when changing the day.
  10. added: Useful tips on starting the program.
18.02.10 NoteBook 2.4 Release
  1. fixed: calculator lost input focus after pressing some keys.
  2. changed: notes in the List are divided into groups by reminder time.
  3. fixed: calendar Window no longer overlaps other Windows.
  4. added: made calculator setting «always on top»
  5. added: made setting of the calculator «translucent»
  6. added: When run, displays the notes, open the last time.
  7. changed: calculator Improved — now you can work with functions, binary operations, number systems setup.
  8. changed: the notes Window is provided with a curved area.
  9. fixed: when running 2 copies simultaneously on Windows 7 the second copy was falling. Now you can run only one copy :).
  10. fixed: if there was no notes file, an error message was displayed at startup. Now an empty file is created instead.
10.02.10 NoteBook 2.3.1 Release
  1. added: When the program starts it creates the following mutex, in the future, allowing the installer to withdraw if the version of the message, «Close the launched application».
  2. added: ability to close the program from outside the installer (not yet implemented in the used installer).
09.02.10 NoteBook 2.3 Release
  1. fixed: when the calendar and notes list were open at the same time, changes in one window were not displayed in the other.
  2. added: ability to edit holidays and dates displayed in the calendar.
  3. changed: calendar and timer Windows are now modeless and always appear on top of other Windows.
  4. added: display and edit notes in calendar
  5. changed: removed self-closing a note when it is displayed at a user-defined time. Accordingly, removed all related settings and controls. Now the note POPs up «forever» — until the user closes it. Note file format is not compatible with previous versions.
  6. fixed: Note didn’t switch to edit mode when double-clicking on text.
  7. added: calendar setting (normal, moon)
  8. changed: tooltip on tray icon now contains version number
  9. changed: fixed tooltip on Calculator tool button
  10. changed: when you start not found the configuration file, open the "Settings"window
  11. changed: removed artifacts from some images of the moon 32×32
  12. changed: now the calendar Icon displays the calendar and not the moon.
  13. changed: Standard color selection dialogs have been replaced with selection tools from a fixed number of colors.
  14. changed: Useful tools moved to a separate panel.
4.02.10 NoteBook 2.2 Release
  1. added: Moon calendar Tool.
  2. added: Timer Tool.
  3. fixed: startup of the program was not registered at startup.
  4. fixed: no sound was played when a reminder was shown.
  5. changed: default alarm duration increased from 5 to 15 seconds.
20.01.10 NoteBook 2.1 Release
  1. fixed: incorrect folding of the notes window
  2. changed: a new note is now created in the reminder window
  3. changed: the reminder Window is now the only way to edit notes
  4. changed: the control buttons on the note are resized.
  5. added: added edit buttons to the reminder note.
  6. added: when creating a note, text from the clipboard is written to it, if the text is not more than 300 characters
  7. fixed: incorrect operation of reminder counter
  8. fixed: the Program did not close when the computer was restarted/shut down.
  9. added: unlocked built-in calculator
  10. added: new startup setting
16.01.10 NoteBook 2.0 Release
  1. fixed: notes List is updated when any note changes.
  2. added: added control buttons to the reminder. Some of the existing buttons have been replaced.
  3. added: made editing "in place"by double-clicking the left mouse button on the reminder.
  4. added: Made the hot key for the notes list, last rasmotrenii notes and adding new notes with the settings.
  5. added: sounds when reminders and appropriate setting.
  6. fixed: changed icons, reworked labels.
  7. fixed: changed description and picture of auto-cleaning.
  8. added: now you can move the reminder window around the desktop.
  9. added: the possibility to copy to clipboard the text of the reminder.
  10. added: now you can attach the reminder window to the screen.
  11. added: search and filter functionality in notes list is Implemented.
  12. fixed: Reminders would stop popping up before restarting the program if the previous reminder was closed with the right mouse button.
  13. fixed: fixed bug when reading settings from previous version. The configuration file is now read and the missing fields are populated with default values.
  14. added: added sound file playback when reminding. Sound settings have been added accordingly.
  15. added: "Minimize window"button Restored.
11.01.10 NoteBook 1.0 Release
  1. the Program is designed to minimize-collapses to tray, shows from the notes tray at the specified time, allows notes edit and contains the required minimum settings.