Frequently asked question

The program was suddenly in demand, and I have a reviews, suggestions and questions in email. Many thanks to everyone who writes — without your comments updates would not come so often. Decided to collect the main issues here.

Can I open an email in my browser in the selected mailbox? In the agent i could!

In browser — you can’t.
Reason: the web identification procedure and the structure of mail folders on different services are different and it is not always open to third-party developers. Specifically use (used) the MRA protocol, but it is now internal. The universal IMAP Protocol does not provide these features.
It is possible to open the entire letter for review by the program itself. I can even add buttons «reply», «forward», etc. — but it will be a full e-mail client, and I’m not ready for this :)

The mailbox settings are not saved after update.

This is a problem with versions 4.10 and 4.11. In 4.12 – fixed.

Will there be a Linux version?

It won’t. In the first place because it need not the version for Linux (this is not difficult), but the version for KDE, GNOME, etc. I do not understand how.

Will there be PUSH notifications instead of refreshing mails on the server?

They won’t. To make an instant notification about an email without refreshing folders, the mail server must support the IMAP IDLE feature. Most public servers do not provide this option. Except, it seems, Rambler — they have IDLE, but it does not work :) So I think it is superfluous to bother with it.

Indentation, icons, fonts, etc. — just a\/\/ful!!

I am not a designer. Moreover, the purpose of the program — not to please the eye, but to provide operational work with mail, calculator, colors. I will happy to read any critics of the appearance, perhaps (perhaps) i will correct it in the next releases, but lick the interface of the program — there is no time or desire.

Is there a possibility to pick up the colors in CMYK?

No, these are different color spaces, they are not exactly translated into each other even in theory. I can make a rough translation, but — why? For web design you will use RGB, and for professional printing there are many good special programs.

Will there be versions in languages other than Russian and English?

Only if someone will translate for free — I do not know anything else and think it is wrong to translate by online translators (still need manual editing).

I found a mistake in the text / translation / on the website!

Send me email, I’ll correct necessarily.

When is the next version?

Not yet known — all critical bugs (supposedly) fixed. There is a desire to remake notifications for OwnerDraw-window but when — I don’t know.

Will there be a chat with emoticons, stickers and video calls?

No. But it’s not exactly ;)

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