Outfit Tool 2.13

Mail agent


Free download


«Mail agent» is part of the Outfit tool kit and is distributed free of charge. It is used to check mailboxes and then notify the user about unread messages.

The objectives of the development were:

  1. Versatility-the agent should work with any mail that supports the standard IMAP Protocol
  2. Stealth-the agent should not disturb the user when there are no emails in the mailboxes-including its presence on the taskbar
  3. Ability to work with multiple email accounts at the same time
  4. Simplify the transition to the response writing service

Mail agent allows you to configure IMAP mail scanning on multiple mailboxes. When the message arrives, you will be notified by a pop-up window with the sender’s email and the subject line, and the program icon will start blinking. Mail-agent is different from the heavy mail client — the mail itself is not downloaded to the computer, notifications pop up instantly, and all the work goes in the background — nothing more. Passwords to mailboxes are not transmitted anywhere except the mail server and are stored only on the client in encrypted form with the encryption key binding to the computer.


  1. Microsoft Windows: XP and higher
  2. .NET Framework 3.5 or higher

In Windows 7, .NET 3.5 is already installed by default. If you have disabled automatic updates or use earlier versions of Windows, you can download it from the official Microsoft website:


Attention! For Windows XP with .NET 4.0 installed, you still need to download and install .NET 3.5 — the fourth version does not completely replace the 3rd.