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Welcome to the site of OutFit-Tool.

The program is freeware mini-organizer, is free and is designed for taking notes and reminders to yourself about important pending 'for later' cases.

Having tried many similar programs, I came to the conclusion that some of them do not provide the necessary functionality, while the other part is too large and heavy in work.

Unlike analog, OutFit-Tool has some advantages - ease of management, 'quiet' work in the system tray, a wide range of settings, many useful and convenient tool. Reminders pop up next to the system tray, and you can adjust the size and color, and the duration of the display window.

Starting with version 2.0, program is supplemented with a range of tools: a calculator handy, reached by pressing the button (by default Pause / Break), a lunar calendar, which allows to calculate the lunar day, moon phase and sign of the zodiac in which the moon, and a small stopwatch.

In the near future:

1. Expand program options;
2. Add new and useful tools (I will be glad your suggestions);
3. Embed a mechanism for updates;
4. Add hot keys;
5. Replace the installer;
6. Change the principle of working with notes.

If you have any comments or you find a mistake - safely leave a comment.

The program requires FrameWork 2.0 (in XP it is put together with the 3 rd service packs). Separately, it can be downloaded from the Microsoft website at this link.

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